Tom Bijnen


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-Sound Design of ‘The red soul’ mentioned in the Hollywood Reporter:

“At such moments, the film's trump cards — Tom Bijnen's sound design and the score chiefly composed by Rutger Zuydervelt — are played to particularly atmospheric effect. With so many current documentaries spoiled by excessively conventional and heavy-handed musical accompaniment, it's a pleasure to encounter soundscapes as sparing and subtle as these. Indeed, so subliminally is Zuydervelt's work incorporated that at first it may not even be recognized as music at all. The ear then picks up on the rhythms of quasi-choral soughing, which seems to emanate from the soil and trees themselves like a phantom voice from the icy breeze.”

Work in Progress:

-The last ones, Veiko Õunpuu

Recently completed:

-De Achtste Dag, Yan Ting Yuen
-Niet meer zonder jou, Mijke de Jong
-Kunsthart, Mijke de Jong
-Holiday, Isabella Eklof
-Back to the Taj Mahal Hotel, Carina Molier
-Doof Kind, Alex de Ronde
-De Rode Ziel, Jessica Gorter